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Shelter with discarded munitions cases 
£ 500

ENA, dec 1912 
£ 390

My Engagement, 4 June 1937 
£ 345

ARP versus IRA 
£ 375

Smelling, circa 1900 
£ 440

Our Hospital ABC, 1916 
£ 360

Come Now Be honest with yourself, 1915 
£ 1930

Lord Kitchener Says... Enlist Today 
£ 3300

S.O.S. To All Nations - Disarm 
£ 2750

£ 390

Air raid with aircraft caught in... 

Wings for Victory 

Profile of a young girl, circa 1920 

Searchlights by The Houses of... 

Civilians caught in the Blitz 

Civilians caught in the Blitz 

The Allied Forces - a commemorative... 

Autumn, crica 1900 

Winter, circa 1900 

Design for a stained glass window -... 

Weekly Telegraph, circa 1910 

Stewartby Brickworks (London Brick... 

Portrait of Lady in Red Hat 

Cover of one of the publications... 

British postcard Coming down! Image... 

Block Puzzle of a First World War... 

Conchy, crica 1917 

Public Warning – German airships &... 

British bulldog in the uniform and... 

Silhouette of a Tommy in marching... 

Navel Signal Announcing the... 

A Breech-loading 9.2" railway gun in... 

Naval Signal Annoucing the Armistice 

Soldier with WWI decorations 

Officers by trenches meeting at dusk 

Portrait of Mollie Phillips the... 

Boys playing cricket in an urban...