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World War II pictures on exhibition at Morley Gallery 27th October - 23rd November

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Charles Cundall
Study for Coastal Operational... 

Charles Mahoney

Charles Mahoney
Gas Mask Drill (oval with sketch to... 

Charles Mahoney
Street scene with children wearing... 

Charles Mahoney
Study sheet with figures for Gas... 

Charles Mahoney
Digs at Ambleside, c.1940 

Edward Bawden
Dunkirk, 1940 

Denys Wells
St Paulís, 1945 

Frank Potter
Auxilary Firemen with St Paulís in... 

Robert Austin
Bomb Trolley, 1944 

John Cecil Stephenson
The End of a Doodlebug 

Josh Kirby
Wartime Fete, 1943