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Karl Hagedorn (1889-1969)

Painter, born in Berlin, Germany, who moved to England in 1905, later adopting British nationality. He went to Manchester in 1905 to train in textile production and also studied art under Adolphe Valette at the local Manchester School of Art and then at The Slade School of Fine Ar, followied by two yearss in  Paris, in 1912-13, when, working under Maurice Denis, he absorbed a range of avant-garde styles. On his return to England, he made a consciously pioneering attempt to introduce Modernism into Manchester through his work as both painter and designer. He became a British subject in 1914 and served as a Lance-Corporal in the Middlesex Regiment during World War I.He exhibited at the Manchester Society of Modern Painters, RA, RBA, RSMA and with the NEAC. In 1925 he received the Grand Prix at the International Exhibition of Decorative Art, Paris and in 1935 he was elected RBA. He exhibited at a number of leading galleries in London


Original artwork for Margarine
Karl Hagedorn
Original artwork for Margarine  For sale
Reclining soldier, circa 1916
Karl Hagedorn
Reclining soldier, circa 1916  For sale
Oxen in a stable
Karl Hagedorn
Oxen in a stable  For sale
The Piazza, 1929
Karl Hagedorn
The Piazza, 1929  For sale
Self portrait, smoking a cigarette
Karl Hagedorn
Self portrait, smoking a cigarette  Reserved 
Shire Oaks Farm
Karl Hagedorn
Shire Oaks Farm  Sold